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A team approach to
intervention for your child.

A Team Approach

A collaborative team, working together for your child
to ensure better outcomes from intervention.

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Therapy, in your home, school or Kindy;
a natural learning place.

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BEST Therapy

BEST Therapy

Our experienced team delivers evidence based intervention in the areas of speech-language pathology and occupational therapy.  We use a transdisciplinary approach to promote skill development and the transfer of these skills.

BEST Location

BEST Location

All learning is done in an environment where the child feels comfortable.  We come to you and teach you and we practice the skills in the most naturalistic setting.

BEST Outcomes

BEST Outcomes

Families expect that we will achieve the best possible outcomes for their child. With you, the caregiver as part of our team, we set long term and short term goals and regularly review these goals.  We liaise with others in your child’s team to maximise the the transfer of skills learned across contexts.

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