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First Words Deluxe

First Words Deluxe



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Early Childhood & Lower Primary

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Learning App

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Bloom's Thinking Process
CreatingBlooms Creating
EvaluatingBlooms Evaluating
AnalysingBlooms Analysing
ApplyingBlooms Applying
UnderstandingBlooms Understanding
RememberingBlooms Remembering
Includes animation
Includes recorded voice
Includes images
Review Comments
These are fun and playful apps for learning to spell in the early years. The child enjoys dragging and dropping letters to form words. The images are colourful and the vocabulary has been selected well for children in early childhood.
This app is useful for both phonics and spelling (letter names). The lovely feature of this app is the animation the child sees when the word is spelt.
Level: All words are shown as single words.
Phonics:  These are short vowel words only. There were a few blends (desk, frog).
Pronunciation: At times the neutral (schwa) vowel was added especially on "p" and "b".
Case: Lower,upper or capitalised.
Voice: Voice is a North American male or British. You are unable to record your own voice. You can purchase word sets in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
First Words: Deluxe contains all of the categories. Or you could purchase them separately. The FirstWords Sampler is a lite version
Use Rank (*)
Spell with Phonics Ranked 9th of 44
Spell with letter names Ranked 22nd of 46

(*) This app has been ranked according to its' effectiveness to achieve the learning goals and strategies listed. Some apps may rank highly for achieving a specific use and lower for other uses. Some students will learn and engage with one app more than others, because of the individual nature of us all.

Learning App
Learning apps are designed for a specific purpose. The authors claim to teach a goal, skill or concept.
Bloom's Thinking Process
Bloom's Taxonomy is classification system used to explain the behaviours important in learning. Apps range from simple memory tasks such as flashcards apps through to creative apps which ask students to create an original story or video.
Bloom's Creating
The student creates new ideas, products or ways of viewing things. Activities include making, animating, designing, constructing, planning, producing and inventing.
Bloom's Evaluating
The student justifies a decision or course of action. Activities include counting to check, hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting and judging.
Bloom's Analysing
The student breaks the information into parts to explore understandings and relationships. Activities include explaining, ordering, inferring, comparing and organising.
Bloom's Applying
The student uses the information in a new situation. Activities include implementing, carrying out, using, illustrating, classifying and categorising.
Bloom's Understanding
The student comprehends the new information. Activities include describing, predicting showing understanding use a multiple choice.
Bloom's Remembering
The student recalls information they know. Activities include matching, 'fill in the blank', making a choice, answering using a multiple choice, naming a group.
Learning Connection
How well does the app teach the targeted skill or concept? This is the area where we refer to current research and pedagogy to evaluate the efficacy of the app.
Authenticity looks at the manner in which skills are learnt. Authentic apps use real life or genuine activities. Students learn in context rather than in a contrived or rote fashion (such as flashcards).
Feedback needs to be specific and result in improved performance. Feedback should be supportive and encouraging rather than negative. Data should be available to support decision making.
Differentiation is the ability to customise the app to suit the student. The ability to record you voice, customise text, add pictures and alter settings enables individualisation of the app.
User Friendliness
User friendliness is a measure of how well a student can use the app independently. Some apps are simply intuitive to use. Others include audio or visual prompts which support the student.
All apps are engaging the first time they are played. However, students with diverse learning needs may need to return to the app many times. Motivating apps offer rewards,games or incentives.
Spell with Phonics
These are apps that spell words using letter sounds in a word (as opposed to spelling the word using letter names). There are 44 phonemes or letter sounds in the English language, including letter combinations such as /th/.
Spell with letter names
These apps practise spelling using letter names. The student can also identify the letters in a word. These apps typically ask the student to drag and drop letters to fill blanks in words. See also Spell with Phonics apps.

Domain Score Details
Learning Connection 4
The word choice, lower case letter and feel of this app is suitable for early spelling goals. The letter size is large enough for little fingers. I like that the words can be read using the sounds, not just the letter names. I would like to see these words in a sentence to increase generalisation.
Authenticity 2
The student drags the letters in to the boxes to spell the words.
Feedback 3
This app uses errorless learning. Rather than the child being given a tick or cross, the app won't let the incorrect letter be place in the wrong spot. So this is a hint to the child to try again.
Differentiation 3
You can change the word length, letter hints, letter case, spelling speed, font, word order and audible sounds. You can also choose the word categories. I would like to be able to select or deselect words from the words categories.
User Friendliness 4
This is a very simple and enjoyable app for young children. I have used this with very little children. They eventually spell the word correct by trial and error.
Motivation 3
When the word is completed, the picture spins and gives audio e.g. the cat meows.
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Developer's Description
* Finalist for the BestAppEver Award: Toddler Apps *

The best-selling reading game for kids has gotten even better! We've added more words, more languages, and phonics. First Words Deluxe provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters and learning to spell words.

Now with Spanish, French, German, Japanese, plus US and UK English.

First Words Deluxe is toddler-tested and approved, with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. The game includes over 150 words in five kid-friendly categories:

** Animals **
** Vehicles **
** Colors **
** Shapes **
** Words from around the house **

(Fewer words are shown when the phonics option is selected, because many English words are not spelled phonetically. A total of 68 phonics words are included.)

A wide range of options let you tune the game to match your child's current skills and abilities.

If your child is old enough to ask for your phone, they're old enough for First Words Deluxe!

Here's what educators and reviewers have said about our First Words apps:

“First Words is an app that teaches letters and words in fun and interactive way. Very easy to use these apps will help support your little ones learning with great illustrations and bright colors. Each app supports kids learning and encourages kids to explore and discover by revealing, rewarding and teaching.”
-- Fun Educational Apps

“Excellent - As a teacher, I love this game! Just what technology was meant to do!”
-- iTunes Review

“This app has great settings that let you control the level of difficulty for the child – either with lots of hints or almost none at all. The letters slide nicely into each word and when completed the child is rewarded by having the pictured animal enlarge and animate briefly.”
--Carisa Kluver at Digital Stortyime

“First Words Deluxe is a very straightforward word-building game. Words are either said letter by letter as they are dragged into the appropriate gray boxes or, if chosen in the settings, a smaller set of words can be sounded out with phonics. This makes this game a treat for both pre-readers and early spellers.”
--Common Sense Media

“Looking to guide your toddler towards recognizing letters and how to spell words up to eight letters long? Then First Words Deluxe might be just what you are looking for. This pre-reader and spelling application encourages vocabulary development in a wide range of categories such as: vehicles, animals, at home, colors, and shapes.”
--Andrea Gardner at Applicable2u

"First Words is a great app -- as I said at the time, 'Leo loves First Words because it's fun and easy. I love it because he's learning to spell words, and the interface makes that learning error-free.'"
---Shannon Des Roches Rosa at Squidalicious

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