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Dr Bronwyn Sutton

Speech Pathologist (B.App.Sc. (Speech Path.), Grad. Dip (FET), MSpEd, PhD, MSPA)

ph: (07) 3876 9529

e: bsutton@bestautismtherapy.com.au


Dr Bronwyn Sutton is a Speech Language Pathologist and Educator with 30 years’ experience. She has expertise in working with children with autism and language impairments. Bronwyn Sutton has postgraduate qualifications in Education and has a Masters of Special Education in Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.

Bronwyn has a PhD from Griffith University. Bronwyn’s research investigated the use of iPad technology to support children’s social interactions with peers. Bronwyn’s reputation as a professional is highly regarded and her expertise in autism is widely sought.

She conducts professional development courses for Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and teachers on topics such as autism, social skills and visual supports. Bronwyn understands the challenge of engaging students with diverse learning needs to access curriculum content and develop social and communication skills.

Author of The Learning App Guide

Bronwyn is the author of The Learning App Guide to Autism and Education. This was the first professional app evaluation tool in Australia. The Learning App Guide was nominated for the ASPECT National Recognition Awards for its contribution to improving the lives of children on the autism spectrum.


Chloe Lee

Speech Language Pathologist (BSpPath (UQ), MSPA)

ph: (07) 3876 9529


Chloe is an experienced Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Chloe has proven experience working with children on the autism spectrum with a special interest in early intervention. Chloe’s caring and friendly nature allows her to easily build relationships and rapport with children, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Chloe is qualified in DIR Floortime, Derbyshire, TEACCH, ABA and PECS as well as a range of speech and language interventions. Chloe’s expertise in working with non-verbal children and children with language disorders means that she is a great asset to the B.E.ST Autism team. Chloe enjoys working collaboratively with other allied health professionals to provide individualised, targeted therapy which is focused on developing the strengths of children in order to support their challenges

Chloe loves finding out what interests and motivates a child and then incorporates that interest into therapy. Chloe is a talented artist and uses her drawings in social stories and books to explain complex social skills in a way that is simple for the child to understand.

India Ogun

Cecilia Lee

Speech Language Pathologist (BA (Psych), GradDipPsych, MSpPath (UQ), MSPA)

ph: (07) 3876 9529


Cecilia holds dual qualifications in Speech Pathology and Psychology. She holds a Bachelor degree and Graduate Diploma in Psychology from James Cook University. She completed her Master of Speech Pathology degree at the University of Queensland. She is a dedicated and caring professional who enjoys working with young children and their families to provide personalised therapy to help children achieve their communication and social goals.

Cecilia has eight years’ experience working in the disability sector as a Special Needs therapist specialising in Behavioural Management and Social Communication, and as an Early Intervention teacher in Singapore. Throughout her experience Cecilia has developed a passion for working children with autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Global Developmental Delay. Cecilia values a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach and believes that goals and strategies of therapy should always align with a family’s primary desired outcomes.

Cecelia is well trained in a variety of therapy approaches, including DIR Floortime, AAC (PECS, PODD, LAMP and Proloquo2Go), the Incredible Years® Parent Group Leader Training Programme, structured teaching and behavioural interventions. Cecilia provides training and guidance to schools, caregivers and other professionals (i.e., Early Intervention teachers, specialist
tutors, psychologists). She has also conducted parent workshops and in early intervention and autism.


Stephanie Schrader

Occupational Therapist (BOccThy, BEdServ)

ph: (07) 3876 9529


Stephanie Schrader is an experienced Occupational Therapist with expertise in working with children and their families in their home environment, clinic as well as working collaboratively with schools and other service providers. Stephanie is an enthusiastic therapist who prides herself on her ability to build strong relationships with her young clients. She understands that a child needs to feel calm and comfortable before they can learn which means she focuses on the sensory and emotional needs of the children in her care.

Stephanie is passionate about working with children with autism, intellectual, and developmental disorders and helping them to unlock their potential. She identifies the child’s underdeveloped skills, for example, managing frustration, that can cause them to feel stressed and then dysregulated. Together, Stephanie, the parents, and the child work together to develop the child’s independence and emotional wellbeing.

Stephanie also holds a degree in education giving her an understanding of the learning expectations in the classroom. Stephanie has worked with children to improve their participation in home/educational settings, handwriting, fine and gross motor skills, emotional and sensory regulation, and self-care tasks. Stephanie is trained in a range of interventions including the Alert Program, Zones of Regulation, Video Modeling, Emotional Toolbox and Exploring Feelings program (Tony Attwood), Learn to Play program (Karen Stagnitti), and many more.