Brisbane’s leading autism early intervention service for children

We are a team of passionate, caring Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.


Our early intervention specialist service supports children aged 1- 10 years with neurodevelopmental differences such as autism, ADHD, language disorder and global developmental delay, Research-based therapy will enhance outcomes for your child in the areas of talking, socialising, emotional regulation, self-care, learning, sensory processing, and play.

Supporting, guiding, and celebrating autistic children and their families.

Trusted autism therapy service for 20 years

B.E.ST. Autism therapists help autistic children realise their goals and dreams!


Dr. Bronwyn Sutton opened B.E.ST. Autism in 2002 and gave Brisbane a centre of excellence for autism therapy.  Our experience means that you can trust us to have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to provide therapy of the highest quality.

We know the services in Brisbane well, so we can guide you through the maze of early intervention and schooling options.

The B.E.ST. Autism Therapy difference

More than just therapy

We know our role is so much more than just providing therapy. We understand the stress and confusion of trying to juggle therapies, funding, and life. We have designed our therapeutic approach to reduce stress for your child and family. Instead, we enter their world to understand their strengths and challenges. We support your child and family every step of the way.

Neurodiversity affirming practice

Advocating inclusion and self-determination

As neurodiversity affirming professionals, we focus on authentically supporting your child rather than insisting that they act in a neurotypical way.

We embrace your child’s individuality and respect their unique way of thinking, interacting, and understanding the world. We know that pressure to conform to neurotypical ideals leads children to hide their true self and leads to “masking”.

Masking, where children hide their differences and try to fit in, is not healthy for children. Rather than focusing on “behaviour” we identify and solve current and future problems for your child.