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The Learning App Guide to Autism and Education

The App Guide offers the first fully comprehensive, rigorous and professional app guide. The App Guide is ideal for choosing educational apps for students with autism, language disorders, reading disorders, hearing impairment and other diverse learning needs.

The App Guide keeps you up to date with the latest apps and provides you with the detail you need to make an informed choice. The App Guide provides detailed reviews of apps for students in Early Childhood and Primary Years (age 2 - 12).

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Personalised App Guides

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Top Apps for Prep Teachers

An App Guide for Teachers of children in the first year of school

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Top Apps for Late Talkers

An App Guide for Early Language

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Top Apps for Parents of Children with Autism

An App Guide for Social Skills and Behaviour

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Top Apps for Speech Pathologists

An App Guide for Language Learning

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Top Apps for Occupational Therapists

An App Guide for Social Learning, Sensory Skills and Personal Care

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Top Apps for Psychologists

An App Guide for Behaviour

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