Holistic Autism Therapy

A holistic approach means that we focus on the whole child to understand why they are struggling.

We understand that no two autistic children are the same. Our comprehensive assessment program enables us to individualise therapy for your child.

Together, you and the therapist develop a therapy plan to support your child to feel calm, confident, and capable when participating in family life, education and in the community.

Then we continually alter and adapt our therapy depending on the needs of your child and family.

Therapy in your home

We know that autistic children learn best in their natural setting, during everyday activities.

Children learn best through natural every day experiences and interactions with familiar people in familiar contexts. Therapy techniques are practiced when your child is playing, getting dressed, or having a snack.

This is particularly important for autistic children who often struggle to transfer what they have learned in a clinic across into their daily lives.

Therapy at home also helps busy parents who might struggle to find extra time to drive to a clinic or to fit in therapy “homework”.

Parent Coaching

Parents learn strategies so therapy continues long after the therapist has left.

Parents are actively involved in all sessions: watching, and learning from the therapist and practicing new strategies. Parent coaching (parent mediated intervention) has been found to be more effective for autistic children than therapy where the therapist only works directly with the child.

“Active caregiver involvement in intervention was reported to have a similar, and at times greater, intervention effect on child outcomes than those delivered by clinicians or educators alone.”

(Interventions for children with autism: A synthesis of research evidence. Autism CRC. Page 14)

Support for parents and siblings

We recognize the family’s expertise in understanding the unique profile of their child.

We also acknowledge the stress that an autism diagnosis can bring. We assist parents to navigate through the maze of early intervention options.

Our focus on achievable, functional outcomes means that parents learn the skills they need to support their child’s goals. In addition, we support siblings to understand and relate to each other.